Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, we in Room 8 made agamographs as gifts for our beautiful mothers.

An agamograph is a picture that changes when you look at it from different angles. It is a form of math art and allowed us to practice our fractions through paper folding, while having fun and being creative.

Here are a few samples of our agamographs!

Amhrán- Riptide

Tá seachtain na Gaeilge ag tarlú anois agus mar sin, seo é amhrán a chanamar le déanaí. Seo "Riptide", le Vance Joy. Bain sult as!

Wonderful Weaving

After finishing our class novel. "Charlotte's Web", we did some spider inspired artwork.

Using paper plates and colourful wool, we weaved our very own webs. It was a little difficult in the beginning, but once we got the hang of it we had loads of fun! It also helped us practice our mindfulness and to learn about complimentary colours.

Here are some pictures of us hard at work!

Native Americans

We were super busy in Room 8 recently learning all about the Native Americans. Ms. Stewart broke us into groups and gave each group a different Native American tribe to do a project on. We worked well in class, in the library, and outside school to research all kinds of things to do with our tribe.

Some topics we that we researched were food, clothes, homes, weapons, language, women, children and so much more. We enjoyed working in our groups and we gave a presentation to the class when we were finished. All of the projects were fantastic!


While we learned about Native Americans, we created our own Navajo clay pots. We carved symbols of the Navajo into the clay. We think they turned out pretty well!

2D Shapes

In Maths, we learned about 2D shapes and had a great time using tangrams in our Friday Math's activites. Tangrams are a Chinese puzzle that have 7 flat shapes. We played with these and made many different shapes using them, even some really tricky ones!

We made our own tangrams by cutting out the right shapes on pieces of paper, and stuck down our favourite pictures.

We learned about Wassily Kandinsky, an artist who used lots of lines and 2D shapes. We used what we learned in maths to help us create our very own "Kandinsky's".

The Romans

We love learning about history in Room 8 and about the different kinds of people from long ago.
The last people we learned about were the Romans.
We learned about Roman children and about the weapons the Romans used. We even made our own Roman catapults!
We worked together in groups and thought of ideas for our own Roman mosaics, which we carefully planned and then made. It took a lot of work and we are very proud of them. 
Don't they look great? 


We have been learning all about angles in Room 8 and now know all of the different types. We also learned how to measure and draw angles using our protractors, and have been working very well in our maths groups every day. 

Here is a very catchy song that we loved about angles:
We used matchsticks to form right, acute, obtuse, straight and reflex angles.

Since we had so much fun at the maths fair, we have started doing maths activities on Friday. Last week our activities focused on angles. We played Alien Angles on the whiteboard which can be found here (and is good for practicing estimating the size of angles), used our lovely new blocks, played Angle Birds and used protractors to measure the angles in our names.